Why I left Facebook

facebook_logoAnd when almost all of my family members and (geographically) displaced friends were getting on the Facebook wagon, I just deleted my account for eternity, thus ending a 4 year stint with the world’s most popular social networking site. Out of the thousand odd friends I had (after a regular periodic clean up), only 3-4 people have asked and inquired about my reasons to quit. There are several reasons I can think that made me arrive at this decision. Sharing them with you!

Note: Most of the following reasons I stated here are personal and not actually Facebook’s fault.

1)      It takes much of your time and attention and makes you lethargic. Often I found myself refreshing through feeds endlessly. It scared me for what passive person I was turning into.

2)      It takes away the surprise elements of life. For ex. I know what my friend in Bangalore is upto or he knows what I’m upto here in Goa. So when we actually meet in person, we have very less to talk about other than just verifying what he posted on FB.

3)      You become dependent for content. I realised that I would end up reading content shared by others more than scouting the desired content for myself. My year old bookmarked links are still pending to be read.

4)      I couldn’t subject myself for any further intellectual degradation by reading what people often share on Facebook. It might sound rude and self righteous but some people are overly excited to be on Facebook and publish timely details about their life.

5)      Pointless political debates happening on random Facebook groups is a sure source of headache and solidifies the belief that the average stupidity of people around is on an exponential increase since the advent of Facebook. I’ve taken part in many such debates but have also realized its pointlessness after certain time. People who haven’t realized that yet are busy fuelling a “Congress vs BJP via AAP” discussion while I’m back to sanity.

6)      I feel depressed reading people’s views on Facebook about various issues like racism, casteism etc. There’s sheer absence of basic ethics to engage in conversation. People get too personal and often offensive for absolutely no reason.

7)      It was hampering my patience. I realized I was becoming impulsive (more than what I’m already) and felt a compulsive need to react on everything.

8)      Often it gives you a false sense of achievement by gaining likes and comments on almost anything without doing any solid work.

9)      The need to network either doesn’t exist for me now or that its getting fulfilled via other platforms.

10)   My personal life is going through a colossal transformation. I’ve given up on my decision to become a software engineer (and now wonder why I wanted to be one in first place. More about that later).

11)   It’s also a self experiment to see how long I can go without using Facebook. In past, I’ve done that with internet chats & watching TV to a level that these habits are almost non-existent in my routine now.

I have not given up on social networking sites per se. I’m on twitter/instagram/flickr regularly. It’s just that I’m not comfortable with what Facebook has become or made into.

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